Happiness is the new rich


Happiness is

the new rich

Become a Moodicorn.

For many leaders, the highest prestige for a company is to become a unicorn. For conscious leaders with long-term thinking, the highest prestige for a company is to become a Moodicorn.

A Moodicorn is a company that does not sacrifice culture and well-being for rapid growth. But not by sacrificing profitability. This is how you build a stable and innovative company, becoming a thousand times worth the investment.

We want to break down the traditional way of thinking about companies and how to measure success. Finances remain an important key figure, but most important is the well-being and happiness of employees and customers.

Well-being creates motivation, and profitability provides the tools to act on it. Motivated people and the tools for action create successful companies. It creates a MOODICORN.

A shared path, a different perspective

We don’t judge companies that want to become unicorns quickly, where growth is everything. We love entrepreneurship, and goals are extremely individual – that’s how it should be for both people and companies.

We just have a different philosophy. Mood World is to be valued at more than $1 billion within 100 years, but it is only a receipt of our journey and certainly not the foundation or the backbone.

Growth should not come at the cost of motivation and well-being: a Moodicorn philosophy we will never compromise on.

Become a Unicorn

Do you share the opinion of Moodicorn, and want to implement this philosophy in your company?

Fill out the form, and you will receive more information and you will receive access to our MOODICORN badge. You can put this on documents, in social media and on your website completely free of charge. We want to spread the message that happiness for business owners and employees comes first.


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