Building a world where everyone is in the right Mood



Mood is a multi-brand, which is based on duplicating the Mood brand in the hospitality and social entertainment sectors, with a focus on scalable business models and high-potential markets. We’re a privately held corporation, creating sustainable business models for the needs of today and the trends of tomorrow. We launch new and sustainable innovations and concepts, to inspire future generations to do the same.

Our team focuses on our customers needs in their specific sector, to increase the value of their company as well as products and/or services.


Everything created within Mood is not only scalable but sustainable. A world where everyone is in a good mood. A world to proudly leave behind for our kids to continue to develop, as it has developed them.

“Building a world where everyone is in the right Mood.”

The Why - For Our Kids.

Our driving force is creating opportunities for our kids. Fostering ambition, creating security, eliminating worries for basic human needs, and teaching them to pay it forward – for the next generation.

Making the next generation better than the one before. Forever.

Our Philosophy.

Just because the future is for those who take action it doesn’t mean foolhardiness is encouraged. No progress is made without risk, but no risk is worth taking without calculation. Mood does the homework, but won’t be stuck in analysis paralysis. Mood shows that every big step has an equally big ulterior motive, and breaking new ground requires both self-confidence and knowledge.

We champion a mindset where business decisions consider the long-term impact. That’s why we always examine and develop the positive results that we make for our customers, communities, and environment.

A lot of people can speak well of themselves. Even more people have opinions about others. Few can make others find confidence.

Mood is designed to excel at uplifting both its customers and team members.


To achieve our why, sustainability will always have a large emphasis. When a new Mood brand is created, sustainability is required to be a large and present part both internally and externally.

The Mood sustainability agenda has always been driven by the moral imperative, to play a role in transforming our markets for the better, and our commitment to drive the supply of and demand for a more sustainable future.

By embracing sustainable strategies and best practices, we’re committed to creating more climate-conscious processes.

Of course, we know this isn’t a quick fix created by switching to paper straws or speaking about it once a year. We will adjust continuously and create advances in all Mood industries that will enable companies to choose more sustainable solutions.

Our DNA.

There are no methods that cannot be improved, and there are no methods that cannot be reapplied. Innovation is just a proven method in a new place, they say. But it requires thinking, applied in new places.

Mood World applies proven methods in new places, and can sometimes sound revolutionary. But we don’t see the reason behind secrecy and keeping everything under wraps, so we share our teaching regularly. Because copycats can only catch up, not keep up.

The 2113 rule.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a world won’t be built overnight. Our vision is as ambitious as it is long-term: a century-long vision with goals to guide our way. Both as organizations and as individuals.

While building something exceptional takes time, patience without action is lethargy. That’s why the century plan contains shorter plans, with spaces to react and calibrate our course. Whether that may be a quarter, a year, or a decade, it will always have the century plan as a north star.

With the 2113 rule, we are building a long-term company where we will continuously improve, develop and revolutionize. A company that will nurture and develop the next generation and their goals.

It will also create a company that can be handed down to the next generation, the one that the company was made to benefit. Mood is for this generation, the next generation, and every generation thereafter.


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