Our founder
has the stage:

My whole life is about creating a new world. There are both days that are fantastic and days with great challenges. The dynamic between them makes me live every day, and I value all sides of this journey.

I love all aspects of running a multi-brand. You never know what will happen, processes change faster than ever, and synergies arise all the time. For someone who loves to learn new things, develop the existing and elevate a team, it is the perfect place to find a purpose.

Many have advised me to do one thing.

It didn’t suit me. There are too many industries that could benefit from each other. Too much that can be done. So many people to lift and develop.

So I created a world that provided the tools for everything, and to give others a platform to become exceptional in their own right. That world is the Mood World, and the Mood Management are its inhabitants.

Our management, our people, our legacy.

Creating new Mood employees is my driving force, and plays towards one of or biggest goal: to be recognized as the company with highest employee satisfaction in the world by 2050. A big goal, but some company will be the best that year – so why not one with the world’s biggest focus on well-being and development?

Our Management get the time and tools to develop in areas they love. What you love is easy to become good at, and with the right people around it becomes even easier. We don’t let in naysayers, energy thieves, reactionaries, and bullies. So that our management can create a world worth preserving together.

Are you ready to turn things around, and become part of Mood Management?

Get in touch with us, and if there is a match, you are welcome to our world.


Nikk Matson
Founder, Mood World.


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